Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just turn up and pay at the door? Why do I have to Pre Book?
Part of our planning regulations states that bookings need to be done prior to your visit. In addition, we do try our best to stagger the bookings to minimize the potential backlog and overcrowding where necessary. I’m sorry but under no circumstances can we accept walk-ins on the day..

Do we offer a disabled entry rate?
Yes, we offer a discounted rate for people who are registered as disabled and if they require a carer we extend this rate to them. These tickets can be booked online and proof of disability will be required on arrival.

Are the gardens suitable for pushchairs / wheelchairs?
There is only very limited access for wheelchairs and pushchairs in the gardens. We recommend that you bring a type of carrier for very small children. Unfortunately, large parts of the attraction are not accessible for wheelchairs or pushchairs.

There are minimal areas that are suitable due to the nature of the attraction. Areas to avoid include our underground passageways and stepping stones. Pathways are a combination of gravel and flagged paths.

We are sorry if we can not accommodate you inside the attraction. However, we have many acres of land surrounding us with paths through the wood, two lakes and viewing points that are free. Our Cafe and The Potting Shed located in the Car Park area all fully wheel chair accessible.

How accessible is the attraction?

Our attraction does involve lots of walking and there are quite a few steps and narrow passageways. There are benches placed throughout the grounds that can provide a rest stop.

Some areas are underground and people suffering from claustrophobia, angina or are susceptible to panic attacks may find parts unsuitable. Please contact our team if you wish to discuss this.

Is there a Map ?

Guide books now feature a vague map to help you navigate to toilets, exits and other facilities. This map will not however help you find the features in the attraction (as that is all part of the fun!)

The Forbidden Corner is a garden labyrinth with over and underground tunnels and dwellings as well as open areas. Doors that lead the wrong way and paths that can go nowhere. If you are struggling to find your way or need any assistance for your party then feel free to ask a member of staff who will be patrolling, at a food kiosk or on admissions, we’re here to help.

What age range does The Forbidden Corner suit?
The Forbidden Corner is suitable for all age ranges, from children to adults. Please be aware that some sections may scare younger children, but these sections can be avoided. As well there may be a chance you could get wet either by mother nature or surprises around every corner . !!!! If you are in doubt or worried then please contact our team on the phone to check before visiting alternatively we have staff available at the admissions desk and patrolling the gardens and they will be more than happy to assist.

How long does a visit usually last?
A visit to The Forbidden Corner usually takes about 2 hours but first-time visitors should allow themselves longer. You may go in and out of the gardens as many times as you like within your booked date, but visitors must vacate the gardens before closing time.

Do you have a Car charger?

This is something we are looking into currently as we need to look at the infrastructure to be able to provide a “Quick Charge” solution.

What sort of food do you serve in the café?
The Forbidden Corner Café serves grab and go meals such as pies, pizza, sandwiches and wraps. You can also order freshly cooked meals from our kitchen from burgers and chips to Yorkshire pudding meals and jackets.

Our potting shed kiosk serves bacon and sausage sandwiches as well as soft serve ice cream and fresh donuts into the gardens and carpark.

The Tower Fort kiosk in the gardens sells hickory smoked hot dogs, soft serve ice-cream as well as hot and cold beverages.

Is there accommodation nearby?
We have self catering and now  bed and breakfast accommodation on the estate.

Do you have a picnic area and is it seated or grass areas?
We do have a new picnic area for 2023 , which has both seated and grass areas and is located in the woods near the overflow car park (adjacent to the Potting Shed) unfortunately picnics are not allowed in the attraction.

Do you have free coach parking / car parking?
We have free coach and car parking available on site.

What is the nearest bus service / train station?
The nearest train stations are Northallerton and Darlington; bus services run to Leyburn, roughly 5 miles from The Forbidden Corner. No public transport comes directly to The Forbidden Corner. Click here for a map to find The Forbidden Corner.

Do you have toilet facilities and are they disabled accessible?
We have toilet facilities adjacent to the car and coach parking bays, which are disabled accessible. In our main visitor centre there are toilets at the entrance and also in our café. There are toilets at the further part of the attraction and near the play area.

Are dogs allowed in the gardens?
Sorry, dogs are not permitted within our attraction with the exception of guide or assistance dogs.
In line with ‘The Equality and Human Rights Commission’ assistance dogs:

  • will not wander freely around the premises
  • will sit or lie quietly on the floor next to its owner and are trained to go to the toilet on command and so are unlikely to foul in a public place
  • are instantly recognisable by the harness or identifying dog jacket they wear

Have these answered your questions? Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other questions.

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