The Dragon Key

The Forbidden Corner Adventures

The first in a new book series is now available to download from the Apple iTunes and Android store.

The Dragon Key book

The Dragon Key downloadable book is a tale about Nicholas, Lulu and Tobey, three young children that discover an antique key that features a dragon symbol. In the book we follow the three as they set out to explore the enchanted world filled with interesting characters, mazes and surprises that fill The Forbidden Corner.

The Dragon Key bookThe book has been created to capture the imagination of children of all ages and thanks to The Dragon Keys digital format, the images move to help enhance the enjoyment. The book contains images that show characters that those that have visited our gardens will be very familiar with. Extra interaction such as a quiz at the end of the book tests the children to see how much they remember of their Forbidden Corner adventure.

To purchase the book on iTunes, please visit: The Dragon Key, The Forbidden Corner Adventures on iTune.

To purchase the book on Android, please visit: The Dragon Key, The Forbidden Corner Adventures on Android.

The Forbidden Corner Adventures book are inspired by the characters and gardens within our park, there will be a series of books, with the next being ‘The Cat and Mouse’. Keep and eye on The Forbidden Corner website to find out when the book is available or Like our Facebook page for our latest news.

The Dragon Key book